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Administration of IUFS


Aug 6, 2021

Administration of IUFS

Prof. Dr. Santhi Jayasekera, Ph.D., D.Sc., Grand PhD – Academician (Russian Academy). Professor in Cinematography, The Founder of the IUFS and President/CEO, President of Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council (IHAC), Senator

Dr. Milan Dzaiasekara, Rector (Active as Rector & Administrator), PhD

Prof. Dr. Izueitov A.N., – PhD, D.Sc. Professor, Vice President of IHAC Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Prof. Dr.Loukoyanov Victor, Grand PhD., PhD., D.Sc., Professor, Vice Rector , Academic Secretary of IHAC , Dean of the Faculty of Psychology

Prof. Dr. Sisira K. Jayasekara – PhD, Grand PhD, Professor. Head of the Dept. of Journalism    Vice Rector for Foreign Relations for Asian Countries

Prof. Subetto Alexander, PhD, Grand PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Science & Technology

Prof. Dr. Marcel Valentin , Grand PhD., PhD, Professor – Vice Rector for Europe – Faculty of Sport Medicine

 Prof. Dr.Luchkevich Vladimir D.Sc., Grand PhD, Professor., Academician, Faculty of Medicine. 

Prof. Dr.Kvalenko Nataliya – D.Sc., Grand PhD., Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology

 Prof. Dr.Galtsev Yuri, PhD, D.Sc., Professor, Doctor of Medicinal Sciences

Prof. Dr. Borovkov Evgeni D.Sc, Grand PhD, Professor, Academician, Dean of the Faculty of Cosmic Security, Presidet of tye Russian Academy of Science ICCIA

Prof Silov Anatolii, PhD, Grand PhD, Professor, Head of the Dept of Fine Arts.

Prof. Dr.Abaev Sultan, Ph.D., Head of the Dept of Arts & Painting

Prof. Dr. Katansky Sergei – PhD, D.Sc., Guru, Dean of the Faculty of  Fighting Art. Faculty of Sport and Physical Education.

Prof. Dr. Krashenyuk Albert. – Doctor of Medical Science, Grand PhD, Professor, Head of the Faculty of Biology & Mzedicine

Prof. Dr. Maikova Nina – D.Sc., Professor, Director of the Institute of Health Information

Dr. Savelev Mikhail, Academic Secetary, MD, Military Medical Academy, PhD. Professor

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