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International Charity Foundation of Humanitarian Interaction


Jul 18, 2023

International Charity Foundation of Humanitarian Interaction

To maintain a stable and sustainable development of modern humanity for each and every person, the following two main paradigms are significantly and vitally important, they being “Charity and Cooperation”. At the same time they are in an organic interaction with one another.

The denomination of the word “humanitarian” includes not only science of specific character (social sciences) but also various human activities (including different fields of science, culture, etc.), that have a positive practical significance for human existence and the development and practical activity amongst people and the world around them on the basis of cooperation.

A material and spiritual struggle as to who wins whom over historically and logically leaves a basic need to successfully solving very different problems (political, economic, social, national, etc.) feels stronger with an interaction of different beginnings, sovereign by their nature and utterly material and spiritual beginnings (“no one wins”) as their mutual complementarily enrichment and partial mutual transaction with each other in their common and separate interests. A spiritual beginning as an internal attitude (disposition, willingness) of all real natural and artificial phenomena and firstly the attitude of a person itself is aimed at its material realization which acquires more real and practical importance in a contemporary world.

An internal attitude to cooperation of different beginnings, objective and subjective, global and local, social and national, ethical and aesthetic is a specially promising and vitally important attitude. The aspiration to cooperation represents an innate human and natural corresponding need.

The word “charity” has its analogous “philanthropy” in Greek which is currently used more often today. “Philanthropy” means financial help to people less fortunate. We will use the word “charity” as a key and typologically meaningful, more concise and really capacious, as compared to “philanthropy.”

Etymologically, “charity” means “creation (creativeness) of welfare made by one person for another persons sake. “Welfare” is essentially an interaction as a complementarily mutual and partial transition of material and spiritual individual interests and needs in case of their satisfaction in material and spiritual aspects. Specific measure of such satisfaction may be very different in its content and frame of expression. Types and modes to present charity and subsequent results are different. Welfare means a real development and perfection of a concrete person, giving or receiving it.

“Creation” (creativeness) in “charity” is the interaction of material and spiritual human activity aimed at personal “welfare”, material and spiritual satisfaction of his material and spiritual interests and needs.

“Charity” as the interaction of components of its material and spiritual beginnings are naturally opposed to any kind of violence, internal and external, material and spiritual, and therefore contributes to the strengthening and development of human safety, internal and external, material and spiritual, as a fundamental basis of safety is a material and spiritual interaction in their common interests of various parties of any nature and level. “Charity” as the interaction of inherent material and spiritual beginnings represents an integrated system of generating charity phenomena and definitions, in turn, of specific expression in them of special interaction of these fundamental beginnings. In the process, in different designated targets for “charity” and in its various specific results consisting charity one of its fundamental beginnings may prevail (“help”, “support”, “supervision”, “investment”, “mercy”, “sponsorship”).

Charity and interaction as special paradigms are in constant and level-variable principal cooperation. Purpose and result of charity is a full statement and development of fruitful interaction between people and environment. An internal setting and real-practical basis of interaction is material and spiritual charity in material and spiritual interests of people.

In connection with all this, there is an urgent need in creation of special International charity fund of humanitarian cooperation.

The purpose of the fund is to support material and spiritual activity, individuals (scientists, artists, etc.), pursuing strengthening and development of cooperation, material and spiritual, different beginnings, powers, tendencies, directions, etc., contributing their fruitful cooperation, material and spiritual in order to save peace on our planet and safety of living humanity, each and every person, all possible development of science and culture, truly human in nature.

Initiator and founder of this fund is the International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS, St. Petersburg, Russia). President and Manager of the Fund is the President of IUFS and IUHAC, Mahatma, Grand Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Cinematography Professor, Academician Shanti P. Jayasekera. Vice-President and Supervisor of Studies of the Fund is Vice-Principal of IUFS, Grand PhD, PhD, Professor, Academician A.N. Iezuitov. Executive and Academic Secretary of the Fund is Grand Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Academician V.V. Lukoyanov. CEO – Eva Jayasekara, General secretary – Dr. Alex jacque Sebastien.

Currently IUFS and Inter-University Higher Academic Council, Paris are preparing International Integrated Programs with consistently and intentionally of a humanitarian character, that can attract potential benefactors from different countries who can and want to help humanity in realist. Each and everyone, indeed is intended to create a safe and fruitful life for the humanity on our planet both materially and spiritually.

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