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May 31, 2022

Welcome all scientists doing research and development in science & technology! Everybody, who realizes well how high the request of specialists with fundamental knowledge is, but also what an uneasy and cruel thing a personnel selection in our exacting and thoroughgoing time is.

For those, who decided to get a versatile education, to master the newest world outlook, and the most important thing – to get a desired request of your specialization, become a needed person in business, production, creativity, the doors of International University of Fundamental Studies are always open!

 Our University is a unique and really new, in its character and predestination, the highest educational institution in the world. Based on the needs of the time, material and spiritual development of the humanity, of all and sundry, IUFS on a principally new philosophical and methodological basis carries out a multi-level educational process.

 The goal, the subject and the result of education in IUFS is cooperation of different principles, aimed at realization of such a fundamental principle of education, as cooperation of study and education.

 Disposing a highly-qualified faculty, IUFS forms among its pupils intellect and behavioral cooperation paradigm, which they learn by themselves and turn it into heritage of other people. Such “cooperation paradigm” inherently resists “violence paradigm”, which has already brought and can bring again a lot of grief and sufferings to all people of our uneasy planet. Russia and Petersburg in its geopolitical position especially suit for implementation a real and essential cooperation between the West and the East, the North and the South nations. And IUFS, as of right, is a centre of such cooperation.

 For everybody in the world, who wants to get new knowledge and practical skills according to the new education methodology, created on the basis of Oxford Educational Network, exists International University of Fundamental Studies.

In the name of University Administration and Academic Council I address my offer to everybody, who wants to get education, necessary for their successful life and activity in the 21st century, to enter International University of Fundamental Studies.

With hope for cooperation and wish you every success!

 The President of IUFS, President of IUHAC Paris, academician, professor

Mahatma Shanti P. Jayasekara ( Santhi Pushpa Kumara Jayasekera)

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