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The Decision of Fourth World Scientific Congress (4th WSC)


May 31, 2022

The 4th WSC, held November 22-23, 2012 in St. Petersburg (Russia).

1.    The 4th WSC supports and endorses the scientific and practical activities carried by the IUFS and IHAC under the IUFS under the aegis of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace (IPSP) and key reports and speeches at the Congress.

2.    The Congress believes that modern science can and should provide effective help and support, material and spiritual, a human and humanity, actually promote security and peace in the world.

3.    The Congress calls on scientists of the world to actively and boldly discover new phenomena in science and directions, facilitating the comprehension and explanation of reality as the interaction of the material and spiritual principles at all levels and in all expressions, and above all human comprehension and explanation of how the interaction of its inherent physical and spiritual principles, interaction, material and spiritual, of individuals and peoples, and their all-round well-being, material and spiritual.

4.    The 4th WSC organizers will make every effort to publish the Congress materials in printed and electronic form.

5.    The 4th WSC Organizing Committee expresses its appreciation and gratitude to all the participants of the Congress.

6.    The 5th WSC is planned to be held in 2013 in St. Petersburg (Russia), approximately in autumn, as a summit of countries, recognizing the Vienna Convention of 1961, 1963.

         The decision was taken unanimously by an open vote of members of the 4th WSC.

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