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 National Institute of Health


Jul 16, 2019


By the decision of the Academic Council of IUFS and the Inter-university Higher Academic Council (IUHAC Paris, France) the work with the “National Institute of Health” as an educational and scientific structural subdivision, which trains specialists in health improvement and medical specialities: quality of life and health, traditional health improvement systems, natural healthy nutrition, naturotherapy and others, was resumed within the University.
The National Institute of Health within the structure of the IUFS and IUHAC University Council Paris provides professional retraining and advanced training for health specialists.
In addition, the National Institute of Health includes other biomedical areas, such as research, testing and certification in accordance with the requirements of European Union standards in the medical and sanitary field.
It provides for the issuance of the relevant health certificates.
Scientists of the Institute have developed, implemented and protected by patents such methods, devices and equipment as:

  • Integral system of human energy balance maintenance – “ENERGY OF LIFE”®.
  • Health-improving technological complex “SOURCE Sun”®
  • Health-improving technological complex “Year-round beach “RA LIGHT”®
  • Health-improving technological complex “GALOROOM”®
  • Health-improving technological complex “Quantum-Energy GALOCAMERA”®
  • Aerophytotherapy and Aerophyto-healing Programme© ©
  • Natural Healthy Nutrition Programme “NORTHERN NUTRITION”®
  • System “Health-improving and therapeutic fasting (Dosed fasting)”®
  • Health-improving technological complexes “Thermal spring”© “Thermal cascade”©
  • Health-improving technological complex “Russian Energy Bath”©
    and many others.
    The main directions of the Institute’s activity are: educational, scientific-innovative and international.

Additional vocational training programs

 “Quality of Life and Health” 

ProgramVolume acc. o’clockIssued document
Without medical education
Improving aesthetic cosmetology240Certificate
Wellness massage240Certificate
Health starvation    240Certificate
Traditional recovery systems124Certificate
Neuropsychological correction144Certificate
Speech therapy144Certificate
With Medical Education
Colon Hydrotherapy110Certificate
Clinical laboratory diagnosis520Diploma

 Conditions for admission to the National Institute of Health.

 Attention! To the development of additional professional programs: 

1.    In the direction of “Naturopathy” are allowed persons with secondary vocational and (or) higher education. 

2.    In the direction of “Special Psychology” – allowed persons with higher education. 

3.    In the direction of “Naturotherapy” – allowed persons with higher medical education. 

 To start learning you need: 

1.    Choose an educational course that suits you 

2.    Submit an online application for admission. 

3.    The application must include a copy of the diploma of the existing secondary vocational and (or) higher education, autobiography and a copy of your passport. 

4.    Wait for the response letter with the documents and instruction for training from the experts of the selection committee 

5.    Fill out documents, scan and send by email. info@iufs.ruinfo@mufo.ru 

  At the end of the course, students will attend full-time (in St. Petersburg) or remote (online) testing and, as a result, receive a state diploma or certificate, depending on the chosen training programs. 

    For students who have not passed the final test at the end of the course of study provides for the issuance of a certificate of completion of the course of study at the National Institute of Health in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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